The Melosch Company

The Ludwig Melosch Group is one of the leading environmental service providers in Germany. As a family company, we combine traditional values like reliability and longevity with an open attitude towards modern technology and certified quality management processes.

By collecting and processing commercial and municipal waste, we help recycle valuable materials and keep the economic materials cycle moving. In doing so, we make a key contribution to protecting our natural resources. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a customized collection system to ensure economical disposal of your goods. We can also handle on-time logistics services with our own specialized vehicles.

We deal in the sale and worldwide import and export of recyclable materials, and we also offer services related to file and data medium destruction that conform to data privacy regulations.

We develop industry-specific disposal concepts and find lucrative options for recycling your raw materials. Experienced Melosch technicians design custom-tailored disposal systems that our customers can use on site at their locations. Our services are directed towards companies from the trade industries, retail, the service industry, and healthcare, as well as towards agencies and municipalities.

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