Efficiently disposing of various secondary raw materials created during everyday business, and doing so in an environmentally friendly way, is a key topic for any company. Today, almost every type of waste can be processed into a valuable secondary raw material. We can advise you, and develop economical disposal concepts for your company that create an efficient materials loop and protect the environment in the long term.

We use modern processing facilities at our locations to optimally prepare the various secondary raw materials for industry.

Our technicians build and construct specially tailored disposal systems for any area. We can provide you with trained and experienced employees to operate the systems on an ongoing basis if needed.

Our expertise lies in the international trade of recyclable paper. Our close partnerships and collaborations with many raw material and recyclable material buyers, as well as with suppliers in Europe, Asia, and America, contribute to our highly diverse range of quality products.

We offer various roll papers in a variety of weights, widths, and diameters for the paper processing industry.