Secure file destruction

Our subsidiary GreenDataProtection is one of the nation’s leading service providers in the area of professional file destruction in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and DIN 66399.

We can provide you with innovative secure containers to collect confidential documents. These are available in multiple sizes and designs. Filled and locked container systems are transported by specially trained personnel in vehicles with locked and secure features, then shredded, mixed, and pressed into paper bails in the video-monitored security area of our operating premises on a daily basis and in accordance with DIN 66399 before being transferred for appropriate recycling. This helps us provide environmentally-friendly data protection.

GreenDataProtection is represented in the North of Germany. A combination of regional, certified disposal specialists ensures we can handle our customers’ needs across the country, even for customers active in many different areas. All GreenDataProtection facilities are certified in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008/2015.

In short

  • Secure file destruction in accordance with DIN 66399
  • Providing modern container systems for collecting confidential documents
  • Providing a certificate of destruction