As a certified specialist disposal company, we provide environmentally friendly disposal of different kinds of wastes, such as recyclable paper, plastics, or hazardous waste, across the country, in conformity with legal requirement. Our goal is to optimally recycle valuable secondary raw materials for the processing industry. Because of our many decades of experience, and the highly modern technologies we use, we are a reliable and fair contractual partner to the economy, municipalities, and dual systems.


Across Germany, we provide municipalities, administrations, and companies with collection systems (such as blue bins) for gathering recyclable papers. Using the most modern technologies available, we delivery secondary raw materials to be recycled.


We develop custom-tailored disposal solutions for plastic waste and provide container systems for different kinds of plastics in order to best deliver materials to be recycled. Benefit from our expertise.


We handle the environmentally friendly disposal of scrap wood (A I to A IV) such as pallets, boxes, or furnishings, including providing container systems and a pick-up service.


We can offer you services related to the legally compliant disposal, processing, and recycling of metal scrap and electronic equipment from a single source.

Commercial Waste

Despite increasing recycling rates, there is some waste whose materials cannot be recycled in any way. Our experts can advise you and help you develop the optimal disposal option for such waste.

Hazardous Waste

Various kinds of hazardous waste are generated in production companies such as print companies: slurry containing solvents, old paint or varnish, and operating materials that have been contaminated with oil. We offer optimal disposal solutions for such waste, in consideration of all statutory requirements.