Trade in cellulose

In addition to recyclable paper, cellulose is another key raw material for the paper industry. This fibrous mass, which is produced by pulping plant fibers, is used to upgrade different types of paper. Cellulose increases the tear-resistance and whiteness of a paper type, and thanks to its good stability, helps paper machines run quickly and smoothly. This is why the international demand for cellulose continues to increase.

Thanks to our global distribution network and our many years of experience in trade, we can deliver various types of cellulose to paper factories around the world. By bundling individual purchaser quantities, we can provide attractive market conditions and deliver even small quantities on short notice. Get in touch!

In short

  • A contact person for paper factories in purchasing recyclable paper and cellulose
  • Delivery of all common cellulose types - even smaller purchased quantities
  • Global distribution networks and established business relationships with cellulose manufacturers